We love the internet and social media, just like everyone else.  Don't get us wrong.

The problem is, standing out and doing something unique that attracts buyers and sellers.  This is where print media can come in handy. 

But what do you do when you have that print media in hand? 

You spent all this money on printing gorgeous publications that reach your audience on a deeper, more intimate level. 

Now what? 

How do you get rid of these publications?

Where do you distribute? 

To help you out, we have outlined ten different places to distribute your publications that are guaranteed to start planting those seeds of loyalty and a faithful following.

Choose one or choose them all.  It's up to you and your budget to decide.  After all is said and done, follow your instinct when creating a marketing plan that speaks to you.

  1.  Your market or farm area — the obvious one.  Get out your mailing list, folks!  Using the table on THIS PAGE, you can easily estimate how much a gorgeous page-turner would cost to print.  Tack on another couple of bucks to mail each piece.  If you budgeted $1,000 on this type of marketing and earned one client (buyer or seller) who closed on a home, you would be up a couple thousand dollars in profit from that ONE transaction.  
  2. Local chamber of commerce office — join one today.  If you aren't already a member of your local chamber of commerce, we recommend you join one.  Chambers are not only great places to network with other business leaders and owners in your community, they are often the first call received by someone looking to move to the community.  Most chambers will put together a packet of information on local businesses, activities, and anything else interesting or noteworthy about the community.  Be sure a publication that informs and promotes your services and listings is part of the packet the chamber mails out to the prospective buyer.
  3. Human resource offices — a jump start on the relocation market.  Depending on the business, it is not uncommon for HR offices to assist a new hire in seeking out housing and services in the community they are moving to.  Help the local HR departments by putting together a publication highlighting the community, your listings, services, and other valuable information.
  4. Local government offices — transferees, galore.  Building off the HR platform, local government agencies of all types (law enforcement, medical, county, city, etc...) are called upon when someone is moving into the community.  Wouldn't it be nice if your informative publication gets into the hands of those seeking it?  Give your civic officers a helping hand and supply them with your publication.
  5. Gas stations — choose wisely and you'll be surprised.  Choose gas stations and grocery stores in locations you are marketing in.  Everyone, at some point, has to pass a rack of free publications near the doors of these establishments.  The more your prospects see your publication, the more they will begin to associate your name, face, brand with real estate.  
  6. Restaurants — networking starts here.  Oh, the business lunch.  Where would we be without it?  If you have your favorite establishments and are known as a "regular", chances are the managers will allow you to leave a few of your publications in their restaurant for other patrons to read while waiting for their meals.  With an engaging publication, it is more likely the readers will take "you" with them when they leave.  Again, the more locals see your face, name, business, and brand no matter where, they are more likely to think of you when they think of real estate.
  7. Resorts — turn travelers into buyers.  If you specialize in vacation homes, second homes, or condos, then why not zero in on the people who travel to your area?  Most resorts have a display of brochures, flyers, and micro-publications near the lobby.  This is the perfect place to display your publication that showcases the listings travelers would be interested in purchasing.
  8. Specialty stores and businesses — hit two birds with one stone.  Your real estate publication should be 80% entertaining and informational with 20% being promotional.  Many of the micro-publications from Stock Publications are a perfect fit for real estate professionals and professionals outside of real estate — think: home designers, decorators, professional stagers and organizers, landscapers, construction companies and contractors, insurance agents, and even yoga instructors.  When you collaborate with a complimentary business, you are expanding your sphere of influence in more ways than one. 
  9. Churches, gyms, and activity centers — or your focused niche.  If you are a regular worshipper of your body, mind, or soul, then it is imperative to reach like-minded folks by bringing them publications that speak to their interests from a person who shares the interest.  We all know how loyalty is created — when a person KNOWS you, LIKES you, and TRUSTS you.  There is no better way than sprinkling a little "you" around at the places you frequent.
  10. Apartments — get 'em while they're hot.  It is no secret that first time home buyers are the way of the future.  It is pretty safe to say anyone who is renting isn't a homeowner — yet.  Give these first time home buyers a publication tailored specifically toward them using the posts and articles created by us.  A publication that shares basic real estate and mortgage information, coupled with "good to know" information about the home buying process and property listings for the typical first time buyer in your community, and you have yourself a great little niche magazine that sets you apart from the rest.  And when those apartment dwellers are ready to buy, guess who they'll call first?  That's right.  You!  Because you are the one who delivered captivating content to their mailbox on a consistent basis they could rely on.

There you have it.  Ten places to distribute your print media that give you the biggest bang for your buck.  Don't stop with these places, either.  While apartments have future buyers, established neighborhoods with family-size homes have future sellers. 

There are a plethora of ways to reach buyers and sellers, you just need to think outside the "webernet" box.

If you have any questions, please feel to drop us a line!  We love talking business and strategy!

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