seed sow reap lead generation funnel infographic

Real estate marketing takes on many forms — direct mail, cold and warm calling, social media and internet ads, newspapers and circular ads, open houses, networking events, and more.

Lead generation IS your marketing objective, regardless of your plan.

Generate more leads.  Close on more sales.  Make more money.  Retire early.

So, what is a "lead generation funnel"?  

A lead generation funnel is basically the same thing  as a sales funnel — a visual representation of the sales and buying process.  This is the path the prospect, window shopper, or tire-kicker takes to reach the end goal.

While your primary job description is to assist buyers and sellers in a real estate transaction, you can't get there unless you lead them through a properly executed sales funnel.

At Stock Publications, it is our primary job description to assist you in creating a lead generation funnel that works.

In our example here, we will explore how to use a social media post to turn the general public and prospects into leads that convert.

The most effective social media posts are simple — words that captivate or compel, nice graphics or images, and a clear "call to action" to learn more.

Posts that are educational, helpful, supportive, or entertaining are a great way to deliver value without coming across as "salesy."  Consider your social media posts to be seeds — small things that grow into something much larger and wonderful.

Social media "seeds" should lead to directly to something of more valuable.  Below is an example of a "seed" post:

The simple headline of this post offers something of value if the reader decides to make that first CLICK that leads them down your lead generation funnel and toward your website or blog.  For those folks interested in creating easy curb appeal, they will be inspired to "learn more."

Once that first CLICK (or "call to action") is made, your reader will be whisked off to an article on your website that truly delivers value. 

Your website is exactly where you want your social media audience to land.  Your website or blog is where you can really deliver value that connects, cultivates, and captures.

The "seed" post you planted is a direct link to a page on your website that contains the article your audience came to read.

The content (articles, features, graphics, and images) should be valuable to your readers.  Articles, like our "5 Easy Ways to Add Instant Curb Appeal," are what today's buyers and sellers want to read. 

Buyers and sellers (and future buyers and sellers) want to know the HOW's, WHY's, and WHAT's of real estate and real estate transactions.

Give them what they want, when they want it. 

Good content that is valuable and only one click away from their social media account is a great way to capture e-mail addresses.  How?  Easy!

Follow your "teaser" article up with a freemium (explained below) your readers can instantly download for free — all they do is enter their e-mail address.  This is the "second" CLICK of the lead generation funnel.

VOILA!  E-mail address captured, lead generated!

Once you have their e-mail address, you can begin to actively market to them via your e-mail marketing campaign.

An effective, non-spammy e-mail marketing campaign continues to deliver more and more value with every single e-mail.  E-mails that give buyers and sellers MORE of what they want — the HOW's, WHY's, and WHAT's of real estate and homeownership — is the best way to cultivate a relationship built on trust and loyalty.

Not all leads convert to sales — that's a given and expected.  But when you deliver value over and over, conversion rates rise and that's why a great content strategy used as a lead generation funnel is so important.


Lead generation is the most important part of the real estate professional's marketing plan.  Without this, we would be sitting at our desks, staring at our phones, waiting anxiously for it to ring.

For long-term success, lead generating strategies are imperative and content marketing is an easy strategy any agent can do (on their own or with our help, of course).  It's as easy as 1-2-3!

  1.   Your social media "seed" post
  2.   An interesting article buyers and sellers (and future buyers and sellers) want/need to read
  3.   A valuable "freemium" they can download instantly that delivers actual value they can use right away.

Quicker than a hurricane can blow a toupee off,  you'll be generating leads from a simple 3-step strategy anyone can do.



A "freemium" is something of value that you give away.  Simply put.

The key to creating a truly valuable "freemium" is to actually have it be valuable, such as an e-book, workbook, planner, journal, or magazine-style feature that enhances the article your audience just read (see: "25 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Marketable").


A "seed" can be anything that creates an awareness — social media graphics and basic ads are good examples.

Seeds don't have to be informational, educational, or even entertaining.  They just need to create awareness.

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